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Undocumented Immigration

The 14th Amendment was written to define who are citizens and affirm that all citizens receive “equal protection under the law” and benefits from the government. It was written just after the civil war when it was still not clear … Continue reading

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Morality and the law – Why Microsoft has no soul.

Microsoft accused me of copyright violation and piracy.  Did they know I wasn’t guilty?  They certainly knew they had no evidence I had done anything wrong. Probably they are just disorganized and stupid like every other organization.  Some 15 people … Continue reading

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Copyright Math – Funny if it weren’t true  

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Reduce Oil Consumption???

Okay, everyone buy a Chevy Volt even though it costs twice what a comparable gas powered car costs and has half the expecteed life cycle.  Do it to help President Obama reduce the amount of gas we import. Or we could change … Continue reading

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