This is a web site devoted to the little guy who is fighting the largest corporations and governments of the world. This is about injustice and how to help. I would dearly love to help you all understand these complicated issues in MicroSoft’s $2,000,000 lawsuit against me and how I won. So here is my Odyssey, where I record the events.

Please know I only do this in the hopes it will help others who are in a similar situation.  I know I am ranting against the system, fighting city hall, and not likely to accomplish much doing so.  But I won once, twice, three times.  I only want it all to make sense, to see clearly when non-sense is propogated by authority.  The $2 million Microsoft suit against me was nonsense, but there is so much more nonsense to rant about as well.

In some cases we can win Against Goliath.  Here you will find such cases, both little and big, intelligent and responsible conversations, and a new slant showing complicated matters in simple terms when possible, and these rants that do not disparage any people but instead a broken American system. –Kent

Copyright 2012 Kent Johnson