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THIS IS THE BOOK– Against Goliath: Microsoft’s Greed

Above is the first 40 pages or so of an earlier version of the book.  To receive a signed copy of the finished First Edition you can

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I re-wrote the book (several times really) with a spin on how to keep Microsoft and their ilk from future predatory litigation which is just another term for bullying. The government is not going to change but it it completely legal, even common, for Microsoft to accuse people with copyright violation without showing any law is broken but expect a quick cash settlement from an Insurance policy.

If you haven’t seen the TED comic clip about copyright math here it is.

Rob Reid: $8 Billion iPod

I am humanizing and changing the focus to the future, the book tour, defeating SOPA and PIPA efforts, and uniting popular movements like the Occupy and Tea Party against MicroSoft and therefore AgainstGoliath.

If there is interest and I have to upgrade then I will be opening a for-pay section so that interested people can get my notes and unfinished manuscripts and drafts.  Also anyone wishing to invest in the project can buy lifetime access to all data on the site for $25 on the ground floor.  But for now everything is free.

I was audited by the State of Connecticut  and after the audit they gave me nearly $700.  I would like to write about that.  And this building I am in used to be a dry cleaners so it cost $100k just to prove it is clean.  There was a bit of lead found in the fill used to build it in the 1950s and that is why it is so expensive.

I will blog the experience for future readers of AgainstGoliath and general information. I also have RationalExistence my true purpose, and simplifyandrepeal  the political actions site.

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