Gun Control… Yeah … Right

If making guns illegal will stop gun violence they should make drugs illegal too.

If we did not have the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms there is very little doubt no one would have guns.  Sokay, tho, the citizens of many countries have no guns.  I am not arguing we are better off or worse off because we have guns.  I can get a permit, go to the range or out in the country, and shoot a gun.  In other countries the citizens cannot.  I am freer, in this way, than the citizens of other countries.

Because I have a constitutional right to bear arms which means I can have a gun in my home and that does not break any laws.  Whether or not that gun is registered, stolen, dangerous, whatever, all of that is immaterial.  I have the right as a citizen of the USA.

If I use the gun, however, then all kinds of laws might be broken.  If I remove the gun from my property I might break even more laws.  A gun permit allows me to have a gun that is not on my own property without breaking a law.  The reason for the permit, as is the reason for every license or permit, is to be sure I can safely use the firearm and the government can get money to administer and register and keep some kind of control over my transportation of my firearm.

In order to buy a firearm there are several laws in place to regulate that.  We have already established that I cannot transport a firearm without a license.  And obviously it is illegal to buy an unregistered firearm, like from a guy on the street.  So with very, very few exceptions the only place I can buy a firearm is from a licensed firearm dealer.  That’s okay, there are lots of them.  These dealers are licensed which means they too need to be safe and follow lots of rules, and pay money to the government oversee their compliance.

So if I want to buy a firearm I can because I am an American citizen.  However there are laws.  No one can sell me that firearm unless they are a registered dealer (with very, very few exceptions).  If a dealer sells me an arm that dealer is required to do a background check on me.  If I have a permit then I have had a background check.  If I do not have a permit then the dealer will not allow me to remove the firearm from his premises.

So if I wanted a gun in my home I could buy a registered gun from a gun dealer (having passed a background check which can take several days) and have someone with a license transport it legally to my house.


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