Hall of Shame, Microsoft, lawyers and investigators involved in this disgrace…

Benjamin O. Orndorff attended both private conferences in Judge’s chambers, the Microsoft officer authorized to settle the suit with me in court.  He has quite a history, see the links below.





Katherine M. Dugdale Kdugdale@perkinscoie.com , ivasquez@perkinscoie.com 1620 26th Street, Sixth Floor South Tower, Santa Monica, CT 90404.  She was the one who took charge of the case, working for Orndorff and his group.  She didn’t care that I had broken no laws and probably saw the whole case as billable hours.

Brian C. Roche broche@rochepia.com RochePia LLC, Two Corporate Drive, Suite 234, Shelton, CT 06484   (203) 944-0235, fax (203) 225-1244  Roche and Pia were local flunkies chosen presumably by Dugdale to file the suit in my Federal jurisdiction.

Gerald C. Pia, Jr gpia@rochepia.com RochePia LLC, Two Corporate Drive, Suite 234, Shelton, CT 06484   (203) 944-0235, fax (203) 225-1244

John K. Roche jroche@perkinscoie.com PHONE: 202.434.1627 FAX: 202.654.9106.  When things started looking bad for Dugdale she chose this Roche to take the heat for her.  The one who said I evidenced illegal behavior while tacitly admitting I had broken no laws.

Sue Ventura, Microsoft expert “trained to identify genuine and counterfeit Microsoft software components…”

Patricia Urban, aka Diane Hydock Microsoft Investigator.   She was the inspiration for the Hall of Shame, the one with the fewest scruples of all of them, except maybe Orndorff.



Sharon Cates, Microsoft attorney http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dir/Sharon/Cates

To the Micrsoft and Perkins Coie (http://www.perkinscoie.com )    lawyers I met and name in my book:

I will offer you confidentiality.  Until May of this year you can pay me $34,000 and I will take down the web site and agree not to do any more work against your hideous legal practices. 

From May until October, when I start the book tour, the  price goes up to $67,000.   After that it will be $100,000.

I don’t think that will be enough for me to enter the One Percent, but I am not as greedy as you.