Jesse and Sarah McIntyre: Embrace Yourselves.

Jesse and Sarah McIntyre  found all kinds of very old information about me and post it in the Comments section of the Hartford Courant. jessensarah

Strange to see stuff like that. In the dozens of Small Claims cases I have filed in 20 years of business I have lost two, and more than ten years ago, and they found them and posted details. Also, in 1999 I had trouble with the IRS and this guy posted details, all of this without dates.

I found information about them as well.  But I am not like them, don’t want to post anything I don’t know personally.  I do know from personal experience these people are jerks, and that Jesse is fat.  Well, I am going by his picture.

I post this as an informational incentive to everyone to remember what you do and embrace it.  When you are sued, or when you sue someone, the details are dull, but the name of the suit and who won, well, that is memorable.  I was charged with crimes, name in the papers, all of which I won in court.  I am suing HRP Associates LLP right now.

I am not a lawyer, and I might not win, but that just means bigots like the McIntyres who are writing in support of Donald Trump in the comments section of the Courant can throw unrelated details of my life in front of those who are reading.

Which is my point about Donald Trump.  Critical thinking doesn’t mean anything to his supporters like the McIntyres, Ad Hominem arguments, impeach the source, if he said the sky is blue that means it is green.  If Donald will pay for their legal defense they can kill someone.  It is just a strange world we live in where people report the facts but not the character, impeach the source but not consider the argument.

We can all be right or wrong, but we all need to embrace ourselves.  I am who I am, and I consider the argument, not the person making them.  In this case the argument is the people making them, and these McIntyres have proven themselves bigots and sleeze buckets.  I will only post from my personal experience of them here.  But others can find out more about them just as they found out about me.

Here is what they said about me: “Oh boy, Kent has been a busy guy. Sooooo Kent, like many of you socialist minded idiots, you don’t always show your full hand. You shoot your mouths off with some sort of self righteous opinion and become intolerant of those with differing opinions.
So here’s the deal ladies and gentlemen, Kent thinks Bernie’s idea of taxing people at 90% is a great idea. So it’s kind of ironic that he would support that idea but not pay his own taxes.
Tell us about the 13 IRS liens you have against your property. Geez, one of those liens is for $21k. I guess paying taxes is a good idea as long as it isn’t you. Hypocrite much Kent? Cute.
Also, tell us about the lawsuits that Bazzano and Beyer filed against you and won. Guess you don’t like paying back your friends, when they loan you money, either.
Yeah, you’re a stand up guy. Freaking winner right there.”

I am done.  Up to the McIntyres now.


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