My Book – “Against Goliath”

OCCUPY MICROSOFT! was a working title of the book.

Read the first chapter: 1st.Chapter.

The issue is the frivolous and predatory civil suite Microsoft filed against me asking for $2 million without ever showing a single law was broken.  I name names and document everything on this web site.

My case shows how the “One Percent”   we hear so much about earn their keep according to laws and systems set up by those the Tea Party movement protest.  There is no need for the complications, for a year of court to show these high priced Perkins Coie ( lawyers had no case.  They didn’t need a case, in most cases the insurance company would pay just to keep from having to hire lawyers, even tho no one broke any laws.

Most men would have called their insurance company, or at least hired a lawyer and paid a settlement. That is what supports the justice industry and countless lawyers all indirectly paid by the taxpayer.  It gives all the various branches of government things to regulate, especially the Justice Department (in my case).  But the nonsense happens everywhere, and we have no shortage of government employees to oversee the nonsense.

I am not done with Microsoft yet.  My case shows that the populist Occupy and Tea Party movements are related by the lawyers who prosecuted me under the system Microsoft bought and paid for.

Both movements and any reasonable human being wants transparency.  We should all know how much money Microsoft makes from predatory litigation; how many cases they settle for how many millions of dollars.  How many insurance companies pay how many lawyers all under the veil of confidentiality.  And Microsoft uses confidentiality so they can attack the next innocent without warning.  The Tea Party movement wants to know how much tax payer money is spent to comply with these strange laws, regulating and over seeing all the secrets.  Both movements know there are too many laws.

In truth this should be yelled from the mountaintops:  Microsofts Predatory Litigation costs us all, and we can’t know anything about it because they insist on confidentiality.

But I have no such confidentiality, and if anyone is interested in what is going on, well, read on.