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Please see the Audit Blog.  It is worth a book.  State Policy (not law) is unfair to the tax payer and I intend to fight this audit to the end.

The unscrupulous Microsoft executive Benjam O. Orndorff and the PerkinsCoie LLC lawyer in charge of the case Katherine M. Dugdale, http://www.compx2.com/goliath/2012/04/17/hall-of-shame/ did not care about justice, but rather winning.  But they did not win and rather lost quite a bit.

Now these shameless One-Percenters want more power to ruin people like me and you with the SOPA and PIPA while the Supreme Court upholds the copyright law making a college student libel for $600,000 for downloading 30 songs.

This is a web site devoted to the little guy who is fighting the largest corporations and governments of the world. This is about injustice and how stupid laws are used to bully, subvert and stifle.  There is a new slant here as well that you have not read before and will challenge you to see beyond the story to the cause.

These are issues which lawyers, both private and governmental, deliberately complicate for no good reason. They do not know what they are doing to our economy and our country.  The American Way is not what it used to be, and here we will examine what we are as a country, and if there is anything we can do about what we do not like in our struggles Against Goliath.

In  MicroSoft’s $2,000,000 lawsuit against me there was no reason to sue and it was unnecessarily complicated to show the truth. So here is my Odyssey, where I record the events.  And beyond a record of the events we will see what this means to all of us in America, where our money goes, where our influence lies, who has power in today’s economy and how it got this way.  We can see this in articles from our sections: News, Stupidity, Incompetence, and the Book.  Very few people are deliberately evil, but we often do not see the consequences of our acts, and that is what we examine in this web site.  Our eyes are opened Against Goliath.

The Occupy and Tea Party movements both protest the system that put me  against this nation’s highest paid lawyers from Perkins Coie ( http://www.perkinscoie.com ) paid for by one of the largest and richest corporations of the world.  I had to defend myself in Federal Court against “copyright infringement” without anyone ever showing I broke a single law.  The only ones who want or profit from this system are the “One Percent”  and I intend to show that all of them get paid indirectly from the tax payer.  The laws that make the 1% rich are laws our Congress members are paid by the taxpayer for making.  The system is broken.

The American taxpayer pays the bill in my case through the salaries of countless Federal Justice Department employees who dealt with the nonsense Microsoft dumped on the system to bully me, as they bullied Congressmen to make these laws and rules the employees have to follow to earn their salaries (paid by the taxpayer).  All governmental employees bully all of us to follow mostly stupid rules that serve mainly to keep them in their jobs.

I open this web site in the hopes it will help others who are in a similar situations.  Stories will also be posted here and intelligent discussion.  No one will be allowed to disparage people they do not know personally.  We can examine motivations of the rich and powerful, the Goliaths, but only with an eye toward how to shine a light of justice and reason on those actions.

 The site is in the process of several updates, and I am contacting people who helped me, and there are several.  I will promote the book nationally,  am trying to be one who will testify in Congress against SOPA and PIPA laws, but first I am cementing the local base.  This happened in Torrington, and so this web site will grow as we reach out to Connecticut, New England, the Northeast and the rest of the nation.

 The point is to illustrate how the little guy can understand that we all face nonsense in our dealings with those who have power.  We all find ourselves Against Goliath at many times in our lives.  As we go forward it is my prayer that the 99% can grow simple faith that reason can help in our struggles.  We need to cultivate the faith that reason trumps bullies regardless who they work for. In  the end, in my case at least, reason won.     Too often reason does not win, and the “One Percent” get a little richer and the 99% take to the streets.

As I devote more and more of my time to these issues more examples will be posted, more waste and corruption exposed.  Even if it is legal waste and corruption is still waste and corruption.  The system is broken. The light of day is the only tool we, the 99%, have to use against Goliath.  – Kent

Copyright 2012 Kent Johnson