The Discussion We NEED is not on Facebook

Everyone says we should be civil, until someone says there is lack of scientific support for, well, you name the environmental or political cause…. the economics of welfare or health care, human caused weather, the abridging of rights and freedoms by laws, government flunkies, and power hungry case workers…

Well made civil argument is what we need. Name a cause and listen to BOTH sides to find out, for example, there are no illegal immigrants, 5 European and 8 Latin American countries and legalized ALL drugs, concrete in cities causes more warming than CO2, organic foods, drilling, lead in water, fracking, coal, ethanol, pesticide pollution, Monsanto, Environmental Professionals, polar bear populations, clean sewers…

All sides are simplifying all arguments. No one can listen to an argument without taking a side and we need to listen to the arguments. Vote for Hillary.

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