THE IRS, it’s T.H.E.I.R.S.

Getting an early start on all the business taxes this year, State and Federal monthly and quarterly wage withholding( 940 and 941) , State Unemployment “insurance” (see below) and Federal Unemployment  Tax FUTA and , Sales tax, Business entity tax (which has two parts I can never remember the second part), The W-4 and the State W-4 of course.

My fav is the “Internet Quarterly Tax and Wage Report System” for which my business owes $23 this year, but if it is late there is a $25 penalty.

More taxes?  Well of course, the income tax and property taxes for those of us lucky enough to have property.  Just about everyone gets a car tax to pay.

I have been thinking about the difference between a tax and a mandatory insurance.  There is none.  It is the same system we have for health care insurance, you can buy all different plans, but you have to buy one.  Like car insurance, you need to have it or you are in violation of a couple laws, or a couple dozen laws, probably.

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